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Sinclair Brook featured in global luxury lifestyle magazine Unique

From project origination and development management to project management and capital solutions, Sinclair Brook is diverse in its operations. We are thrilled to be featured in the latest issue of Unique magazine, showcasing our commitment to delivering high quality developments with impeccable design.


Our dedicated team of expert development managers and project managers have a passion for driving projects of any scale running through their veins.

“As a development manager we play the role of ‘conductor’ to all aspects of the project and project team.  We are the ‘glue’ that helps bring everyone together,” says Matt Burns, director of Sinclair Brook Group. “Our clients are a range of local and offshore land owners, developers and investors, including high-net-worth individuals, as well as private and public companies.”

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Sinclair Brook’s impressive portfolio includes a range of developments, from big city skyscrapers to world-class hotels, and more. Unique features some of the exciting projects the team are currently working on, including Australia 108, Flinders Bank/St. Regis Hotel and Melbourne Square, and highlights our focus on balancing the commercial and aspirational design aspects of each development we work on.

Sinclair Brook works with a number of leading construction, design and architecture firms to ensure a project’s commercial outcomes are bankable, whilst being true to the client’s — often bold — design vision.

“Aspirational design is important on any project as we are designing buildings of the future,” says Matt Burns. “But ultimately, we want to take a project through to successful completion, so commercial viability ends up being the key driver at the end of the day.”

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