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Modern Ringwood Townhouses Built on a Complex Site

The HighWood 36 townhouse development in Ringwood was completed in May 2018, and as with any grand project, this one didn’t come without complexities. With a significant slope of over 20 metres to work with, the project team overcame this challenge with this creative architectural solution:

The end product: a quirky and modern design

The end product: a quirky and modern design

What better way to enjoy a Melbourne winter than in a cosy home, one possessing a unique touch of nature and contemporary style combined.

This tight-knit community of homes feature warm timber floorings across a spacious layout, boasting an abundance of natural light streaming through large glass windows and doors.

The large overhanging trees alongside the modern architecture not only provide natural tranquillity, but also make for a picturesque scene in Ringwood’s suburbia.

Project completed: May 2018

Photo credit: Emily Bartlett Photography

Address: 37 William Street, Ringwood
Developer: Oz Property Group
Architect: dKO Architecture
Builder: Glenvill
Project Manager: Sinclair Brook Pty Ltd