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Sinclair Brook providing development management and project management services to new Melbourne CBD commercial development

Melbourne-based property company Sinclair Brook is providing comprehensive development management and project management services for 388 William, a lifestyle-focussed development including 20,000sqm of A-Grade office space and a 288-room 5-star lifestyle hotel.  

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As demand for premium, A-Grade and B-Grade office spaces in Melbourne’s CBD remains strong, this is an exciting project to add to Sinclair Brook’s portfolio.

With an active job market continuing amidst a decline in office space vacancy rates in the CBD, Sinclair Brook sees great opportunity in the commercial development space.

What’s more, 388 William is being designed to achieve first-class sustainability accreditations. Given that the construction and operation of buildings account for a significant amount of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, the team at Sinclair Brook are committed to supporting ecological-sustainable developments.

According to World Green Building Council’s Global Status Report 2017, energy intensity per square metre needs to improve by 30% by 2030 to be on track to meet global climate ambitions, so there is a huge responsibility for groups involved in designing and developing buildings of the future.

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